Since the last post was postponed as a result of technical difficulties, I decided to begin searching early for this week’s featured DJ.   I found him amidst a gathering at a very loud show-house known to Berklee’s inner electronic circles as The Dungeon.  The main act was a mysterious figure whose real name I still do not know.  Thus, I give you DJ BLXG.

I heard that Blxg was staying in Boston indefinitely, so I contacted the proprietor of The Dungeon to put the word out that Future Boston would like to feature their most recent main act.  This young man claimed to be a close friend of the mysterious DJ’s and said that he would do what he could to obtain 20-or-so minutes of Blxg’s current flavor.  When I heard back, I was told that said exclusive mix was in his possession and that orders were to make a punctual hand off.

That was that.

Here is an exclusive mix showcasing the footworkishly-hood inner workings that compile DJ Blxg’s current play list of favorites.

Track list:

Traxman- “Footworkin On Air”


DJ Manny- “Aw Shit”

DJ Pierre- “Juke This MF

DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn “We Leanin'”

DJ Spinn- “Freekin’ You”

DJ Taktix- “Hornz For 94” (Phillip D Kick Edit)


Traxman- “Let There Be Rockkkk

Grab More From Blxg @

Trevor Wilson, Future Boston Intern


About Future Boston Alliance

Future Boston Alliance is a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize our city's creative economy. By advocating for new talent and businesses and holding educational events, we aim to make Boston a hub for collaboration, innovation, and culture.

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