Future Boston Alliance Manifesto- written by Greg Selkoe

We proclaim today that Boston is less than the sum of its parts.  Despite our status among the world leaders in many growth industries such as medicine, biotechnology, hi-tech, financial services, higher education, and venture capital, we struggle to meet our true potential. The Future Boston Alliance is an organization that has come together to advocate and support the progressive and cultural growth of the city in the 21st century. Boston is viewed internationally as a cultural and intellectual hub, but falls short in far too many areas.  We believe Boston’s tremendous qualities have yet to be fully harnessed!

This effort won’t be easy. But we have to start somewhere. We believe the number of those desiring change is growing. Likeminded people are already making a difference and we want to help!

Our criticism of Boston comes out of love and a desire to see the city’s greatest potential reached. We reject the defensive and insecure attitude that if you criticize Boston or dislike certain aspects then you should leave. We believe whole heartedly Boston can once again be the premiere global city for arts, culture, ideas and innovation.

We will fight to stem the brain drain of young, creative people leaving Boston every year because they do not have the support or network they need.  Boston is often an environment where ideas and creativity must struggle to flourish.  We will assist new ideas, music, arts, culture, creative based companies and programs, legislation, and knowledge based industries.

The areas we seek to improve include the creative economy, support for talent and entrepreneurship, affordable housing, communication, the urban surroundings, and transit. We push for fair, equal, and predictable licensing and regulation, a reduction in bureaucracy, an openness to new methods and collaboration.   Much progress has been made to overcome puritanism, parochialism,  ethnic, racial, and cultural divisions but the Future Boston Alliance will do its part to usher the last remnants of these crippling obstacles out the door. Just as the Sons of Liberty stood up to protect the freedom and liberty of Bostonians 237 years ago, the men and women of the Future Boston Alliance will protect the creative freedom and liberty of Bostonians today.

We aim to change things in the city we love, one step at a time.


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