With Pax Centurion being the official union newsletter of the Boston Police, it is shocking that such disgusting views have been expressed publicly for so long without massive outrage.  Now that these scripts have been brought to light, the issue should be dealt with and explained to the residents of Boston.

There are plenty of questions I personally would like to be answered such as:

  • How is it that these views went under the radar within the police department for so long before reaching the public?
  • With James Carnell being the editor, was there also an editorial board that can give the green light on what can and cannot be written?
  • Knowing no one flagged these particular views down before it being published, why weren’t there any higher-ups to blow the whistle on what was expressed?  And if no one in power read it, then please tell me why was this newsletter even being published?

There was not a major outcry of this particular situation.  Is it because it did not get a big enough push in the press?  Can it be that the general public is simply ignorant to this newsletter?  There are plenty of meetings to help build police/community relations, but this newsletter did not help.  Being a black and Hispanic man of the city having this be the OFFICIAL REPRESENTATION of the BPPA is embarrassing to me.

I am not naïve enough to believe these scripts represent the views of every member of the police force.  I like to believe our officers of the city are doing their best to ensure we live in a safe environment.  But the views displayed in the Pax Centurion completely go against that.

I personally am against the Pax Centurion’s backing of the editor, James Carnell.  But my views may not necessarily be right, and that’s fine with me because I’m mostly concerned with what’s best.  Being biased only builds tension, insightful information alleviates that and helps build relations between the force and the people.


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