*Warning: If you’re a giggly 12-year-old boy, this post may not be for you*

For my first blog post, I featured the well-known streetwear-chic store Bodega. For my second post, I’m going all the way to the other end of the spectrum in regards to both notoriety and target demographic.

Nestled away on JFK St. in Harvard Square, Forty Winks is a hidden gem, specializing in women’s intimates (i.e. lingerie and sleepwear). Normally I wouldn’t immediately think to profile a somewhat risque store, but having been in Boston for two years now, one of the few things I’ve been sorely disappointed with shopping-wise has been the lack of affordable but stylish intimates stores. Prior to finding Forty Winks, my choices were pretty much limited to the exorbitantly expensive Agent Provocateur on Newbury (yeah, not happening) or this…eek


A lot of people may be intimidated by the term “lingerie store”. But fret not. In addition to selling fancy but affordable undergarments, the store also has a wide selection of sleepwear, swimwear, and accessories. Below are some of my favorite picks from my visit, which should include something for everyone.


First off, in order to not completely alienate our male readers from this post, I picked out a few things that I thought could be good gift-giving ideas for guys.

Want to get your girlfriend something sweet, but not too scandalous? Try this sheer, chiffon tank top.


La Fee Verte Silk Cami, $88

If you budget is a little bigger, try to splurge on this bedtime silk romper.


La Fee Verte Zuma Romper, $134

No girlfriend at the moment? No problem. This elegant floral robe would knock the socks off most moms.


La Fee Verte Kimono Robe, $156

One of my favorite things about Forty Winks (other than how gorgeous the store is itself)is the balance storeowners Rachel and Meredith seem to have found between sexy and sweet items. Below are two of my favorite bras for the ladies, with prices not far off from the mega-chain that is Victoria’s Secret.

For the more mature woman, this Elle MacPherson Intimates Gentle Jade Contour Bra has fine black and blue lace detailing and is only $60.

Looking for something a little less showy? Try this Mimi Holiday Mojito Padded Push Up Bra for $86

Like I mentioned earlier, Forty Winks also features a pretty wide selection of swimwear and accessories, including products to properly maintain your fanciest pieces. Most of the items I featured were in the mid to high price range, however the store sells more simple basics for as little as $20, while some products can cost you a hefty $335, like this Ari Dein Piazza Leon Chamise.

Forty Winks is located at 56 JFK St. in Cambridge. Follow their blog here.

Learn more about the background of Forty Winks here.

‘Till next time– Xakota, Future Boston Intern 


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