Please enjoy this guest blog from Winchester High School Junior Ingrid Li about getting the next generation of entrepreneurs ready.

Right now, the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in America is decreasing because America does not have a culture that can support high school students to be more entrepreneurial—we need to create that culture. If high school students do not develop that mentality, then they will go into college with the mindset of finding a job—never creating ones for themselves. It’s that confidence, that willingness to start something of their own that high school students are losing, and it is crucial to renew that spirit of entrepreneurship.

My name is Ingrid Li, a Junior at Winchester High School, and Founder and Chairman of the Entrepreneurial Youth Society, an organization dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth across America. The EYS aims to successfully promote the entrepreneurial mentality across the nation through uniting influential leaders with high school students in various campaigns celebrating young entrepreneurship and conducting year-round programs that connect high school students with prestigious organizations for opportunities to successfully launch their own businesses. The EYS has had a short history but a huge impact; we’ve generated a large student base of multiple hundreds at Winchester High School and are forming partnerships with the high school community in Lexington, Belmont, Arlington, Boston, Dorchester, Wilmington, and more!

Entrepreneurial Youth Society’s first event, “Night of the Arts.”

So far, EYS has partnered with the Winchester business community and established the ‘EYS Winchester Model’, which partners local business leaders with talented high school students to work as a team through internships and mentorships to help these students successfully launch their own businesses and projects. Then, with the experience and opportunities that they need, these high school students will be able to go to college with an entrepreneurial mentality to create their own opportunities and jobs and ultimately revive our nation’s economy. The EYS is going to promote the ‘EYS Winchester Model’ first in Boston and Massachusetts and then across the nation.

In Winchester, the EYS Winchester Model this summer has more than 100 student participants in teaming with local businesses for internships, mentorships, and partnerships. The EYS Winchester Model has partnered with the Rotary Organization and Chamber of Commerce of Winchester and Winchester Board of Selectmen and has over 300 community businesses partnered with EYS Winchester Model! In Boston, the EYS Winchester Model has made its appeal among many of its brilliant young leaders and prestigious organizations. The EYS is now receiving strong support and partnership from organizations such as the Future Boston Alliance, Boston Startup School, the Commonwealth Institute, and Youth CITIES Innovation. The EYS Winchester Model has great appeal to all of these organizations, and will soon work with them and their young leaders to effectively implement this model across Massachusetts. Nationally, the EYS has received significant support from prestigious organizations such as IDG Ventures, New England Board of Higher Education, and more!

Members of EYS with representatives from local and state government.

The EYS officially launches the EYS Winchester Model throughout Boston and Massachusetts at the State House this July 25th, during the EYS’s Young Entrepreneurs Campaign. Our Young Entrepreneurs Campaign, which will take place this July 25th from 10:30-12:30 in the morning at the State House in the Nurses Hall, will feature the speeches of influential government, business, and educational leaders in a unified movement with high school students across Massachusetts to promote our ‘EYS Winchester Model’. It invites influential leaders such as Governor Patrick, Senator Scott Brown, Senator John Kerry, Congressman Markey, Mayor Menino, Representative Lewis, other state government leaders, and business and education leaders such as Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe, Cambridge Innovation Center CEO Tim Rowe, and many others to give speeches on the importance of entrepreneurship.

The Young Entrepreneurs Campaign is going to be a public kick-off to our national campaign to promote the EYS Winchester Model as well as the importance of the young entrepreneurial mentality. We plan to build up a national awareness on the importance of young entrepreneurs by the fall and acquire the recognition and support of national leaders as well. By bringing the EYS Winchester Model to small communities like Winchester and major cities like Boston as well as achieving national recognition, the EYS will give confidence and opportunities to every high school student across the United States and thus launch the next generation of entrepreneurs that will carry America back to an economic superpower.

But EYS cannot do this alone. Like the emphasis of our EYS Winchester Model, we need all the help and support we can get from every type of organization and individual. If you’d like to participate in our Young Entrepreneurs Campaign at the State House or to support in other ways, please contact me at! Thanks so much!

– Ingrid Li, Guest Contributor


About Future Boston Alliance

Future Boston Alliance is a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize our city's creative economy. By advocating for new talent and businesses and holding educational events, we aim to make Boston a hub for collaboration, innovation, and culture.

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  1. What a wonderful initiative!!! Thanks so much for creating and sharing it!

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