Dear Herald Editor:

We at Future Boston agree with most of what you say in your recent editorial. We appreciate the coverage and think the conversation that has started is healthy. We want to make it abundantly clear that we are not a nightlife organization. We are a group dedicated to improving Boston from a perspective of retaining young talent (25-40), fostering new businesses, and encouraging entrepreneurship by creating a fun, open, high-tech, business friendly, collaborative city. This does not mean pandemonium or extremes. It means looking at housing, transportation, cultural facilities, arts, entertainment, dining options, incubator space and yes, gyms and other amenities that make cities vibrant. Our first initiative is a startup accelerator program for creative businesses that don’t fall neatly into the tech/bio-tech space that Boston already dominates.

Greg Selkoe mingles with guests at the Future Boston Alliance launch.

The response in less than a week has been amazing. Read the dozens of supportive comments to the articles on your site. We have gotten thousands of encouraging Tweets, emails, and Facebook messages and have raised close to $50K in 7 days to help fund our mission.

Watch our video, read our manifesto or any other piece we have written – we never once mention anything about extending club hours. We think a dialogue needs to happen across a whole host of issues. One of them is nightlife. We don’t believe it has to be a zero sum game. We think with some new ideas, we can make nightlife better, more varied (not just about drinking), safer, and less disruptive. We know that neighbors have real concerns, but the absence of dialogue and the adversarial and dismissive approach coming from the City is making things worse not better. We don’t have a relationship with Cure lounge, nor did we bring it up. That was the Herald. However, we do agree that having dancing police or banning moshing is excessive and we think Dave Wedge’s coverage of these issues has been refreshing and frank.

We know controversy and personal clashes are exciting press, but that is not our goal. At the same time we have no intention of walking on egg shells because we have someone in office who is overly sensitive and has had unchecked power for almost two decades. This is not unique to this Mayor. In Boston, the way it is set up is that once you are in, you are in for many terms just like Curley, Flynn, and White before Menino. Future Boston’s mission will remain no matter who is on the 5th floor. But at the end of the day, we along with the Herald, the Mayor, the City Council, business leaders and the residents of Boston want a city that is the best it can be! We want to work with the Mayor, Governor and anyone else who will hear us out and wishes to work toward positive change. We are grateful for your willingness to listen and look forward to the Future!

Greg Selkoe, Founder
Future Boston Alliance


About Future Boston Alliance

Future Boston Alliance is a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize our city's creative economy. By advocating for new talent and businesses and holding educational events, we aim to make Boston a hub for collaboration, innovation, and culture.

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