We are incredibly excited. The support we’ve received via Twitter, Facebook, our website, and directly reminds us why we started Future Boston to begin with. People want a civic renaissance—and now its time for us to make it happen.

Our goal in founding Future Boston was to create a leaderless organization—one run, instead, by the very people who wish to see changes happen. In short, you.

Watch Seth Godin’s TED talk to get an even better idea of the sort of organization Future Boston is. As he says, “Now we’re in this new model of leadership where the way we make change is not by using money or power to lever a system, but by leading.” So keep reaching out. We need your support to change the city we love.

The future of Boston is now.

-Future Boston team


About Future Boston Alliance

Future Boston Alliance is a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize our city's creative economy. By advocating for new talent and businesses and holding educational events, we aim to make Boston a hub for collaboration, innovation, and culture.

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