Dear Boston,

First of all, let me say– you are beautiful. I know we haven’t always gotten along (sometimes your T catches on fire, and I really don’t want to have to deal with that, ok?) but deep down, I have always loved you, Boston. We’ve had some really great times. Remember when Obama became president and your streets flooded with celebrating students? We paraded all the way down to Copley that night. Our relationship has been wonderful, and we’ve both grown so much in the time I’ve been with you.

You have so much to offer, and I know that the next round of college freshman will really appreciate just how great you are. I envy them, exploring your geography for the first time. Finding their pathways from Newbury Street down to Faneuil Hall, and back again. I know you’ll be happy without me, and that gives me some measure of peace.

The thing is, I have to leave. I’m so sorry, Boston, I never saw us breaking up either, but I can’t stay. I just need to spread my wings somewhere else for awhile, but know that with every new city I venture into, I’ll always be thinking of you.

It’s definitely not you. It’s me. But… your public transport system is kind of a diva, and you really need to figure out where you stand with that. And you’re not very accepting of new things, you know? Remember when Green Street Vault tried to open within city limits? It was really immature how you handled that. Also, you keep wanting to go to bed earlier and earlier. What’s up with that? The rest of the world stays up late, Boston.

I just don’t know if we’re compatible anymore. Maybe if you work on those things I’ll think about coming back. You were my first real home, so we’ll always have a special connection.

Your Ever-Loving,

Rachel, Future Boston Intern


About Future Boston Alliance

Future Boston Alliance is a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize our city's creative economy. By advocating for new talent and businesses and holding educational events, we aim to make Boston a hub for collaboration, innovation, and culture.

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  1. Chandler says:

    Greenstreet was operating illegally. I don’t understand what is “immature” about making them follow the law? Can you explain that please?

    • Chandler: I think Rachel chose to use the word immature to keep with her theme of writing a letter “breaking up” with the city.

      As far as the larger issue of Green Street Vault, our frustration stemmed from the fact that we didn’t want to see a new, innovative business forced to close down just because they are unlike anything else around. The business was founded by an Emerson grad who clearly loves the city and wants to stay here. If someone like that has an idea for a new kind of business, we should find ways to make it work for all parties.

  2. Silly says:

    Yeah, I totally agree. Things like Green Street enrich our city. It’s sad that it’s so hard for companies like these to flourish in Boston.

  3. lisper says:

    government doesn’t spin on a dime. that said, it looks like they *are* investigating ways of allowing mobile retailers to ply their wares.–green-street-vault-will-meet-with-city-about-new-licenses-for-mobile-retailers

    • Thanks for posting, lisper. This is excellent news. We’re glad to hear that both parties are going to work together to find a resolution. That;s exactly the type of collaboration between government and the private sector that we need to see!

      • Chandler says:

        It would have been great if the author were aware of what you mention in this comment before writing a blog entry that criticized an alleged problem, without knowing the whole story.

        I think what is really “immature” is not being informed before writing a screed like that.

  4. Steve says:

    Whiners will whine

  5. Jan Dumas says:

    Not another complaint about a lack of night life. Yup

  6. Emily Sbrocco says:

    “Oh to live on … sugar mountain. With the nightlife and the colored balloons…”

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