Kush Groove isn’t just a clothing company: it’s a lifestyle, according to Marcus Johnson-Smith, co-founder and part owner of the brand. Marcus, alongside his partners, Michael Pires and Matt Whormes, got off the ground in 2011 with the launch of their website, where they sell a variety of fresh, sly marijuana-themed hats, hoodies and t-shirts for men and women.

One of the many awesome t-shirts from Kush Groove

In just nine months, Kush Groove has really blasted off, with articles in The Lihk and Hail Mary Jane as well as fashion shows with TuftsLux at Tufts University and Modeling for a Cause at Roxbury Community College. What started in their basements has expanded  to two physical stores: it’s now possible to find Kush Groove merchandise in Kulturez, in The Garage by Harvard Square, and Got Sole in Jamaica Plain. Marcus credits their extraordinary success to their deep understanding of their customer base, and the legitimacy of the stoner subculture in Boston.

It isn’t really about the clothes, though. For Marcus and company, it’s all about the lifestyle: 420 culture, art, music, and yes, fashion. “The best way for our target market to express themselves is through fashion,” he explained, citing his mission with Kush Groove as the “representation and celebration of 420 culture.”

The brand’s logo is an adorable sleepy-looking turtle in a t-shirt. Their explanation for him trumps anything I could have come up with to sum up not only the image, but the brand and 420 lifestyle:

The Kush Groove team: Marcus Johnson-Smith, Matt Whormes, and Michael Pires

Check out their blog to keep up with the latest Kush Groove news, and wish them luck as they continue to grow and thrive. And if you’re in Harvard Square this weekend, be sure to keep an eye out for the Kush Groove MayFair table!

Rachel, Future Boston Intern


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  1. Thanks for highlighting an interesting new clothing company! I’d never heard of Kush Groove before, but now I’m rocking that excellent GOT PAPERS? shirt like a boss. Well done Future Boston!

  2. mulroney says:

    That is some really sexy stuff. I’m into it.

  3. kellyinma says:

    Awesome shirts! I like how they are discreetly marijuana-related. I could still wear these around my nieces and nephews! Nice!

  4. akilleys says:


  5. cool shirts, but kush is a bit too mainstrem for me anymore

  6. bobloblob says:

    I like their explanation of the turtle as their logo. Sounds a bit like my stoner son..

  7. tessawilla says:

    I want one of these! I have pride in our culture and lifestyle, too!

  8. Hannah says:

    must. have. all. shirts.

  9. […] Future Boston Alliance blogger Rachel R. put together a piece titled “Fashion for the new age urban hippie”. You can read her write up here. […]

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