Rivers Cuomo. El Hefe. Randy Hall. Amy Heidemann. Natalie Maines. Trey Parker. Al Pitrelli. Ed Roland. Rashawn Ross. Brad Whitford. Keith Harris. You may not know them by name but you’ve probably heard– these people are just a handful of the successful and talented musicians, songwriters, and composers who graduated from Berklee College of Music. Right now, gifted musicians are perfecting and honing their skills in order to successfully enter the music industry, if they are not already there, and join the ranks of the many remarkable musicians before them. They perform pop, rock, alternative, jazz, contemporary, and really any genre you can think of and even ones you’ve never heard of.

Did you know that you can see these noteworthy musicians perform for free?

Conveniently, Berklee College of Music’s event’s page lists all their free and inexpensive performances by Berklee students. Until a friend let me in on the amazing opportunity to see some of the musicians perform, I had no idea! Now, I’ve already expanded my musical experience by attending amazing performances of  an Afro-Caribbean pop band and a Brazilian Jazz band. With the knowledge that I can look on Berklee’s event page and find out free performances by students, I find time in my schedule to hop on the Green line to Hynes Convention Center and find myself in the heart of Berklee’s campus on Boylston Street. And if you cannot make it down to  Berklee’s campus, they host events all over Boston ranging from the Mother’s Rest in Franklin Park to the Boston Public Library Courtyard at Copley Square.

What’s more, even if you’re not a student at Berklee College of music you can go onto Berklee’s Jobs and Gigs and request a Berklee students help you out. Whether it be for a wedding, piano lessons, or you are in need of another band member, Berklee Jobs and Gigs can be an excellent way to reach out and utilize the talent of the students studying at Berklee.

You can listen on your radio or on your computer!

And if you cannot make it to a performance, you can have other opportunities to listen to Berklee student perform their diverse repertoire. On Berklee’s website they provide links to all their online media as well. Anyone can visit their site and find links to their podcasts, youtube channel, and their radio station, The BIRN. Whether it’s over the airwaves or in an auditorium, with all these options it is impossible to miss a chance to hear a Berklee student perform.
While Berklee students only make up a small fraction on Boston’s population, they highlight the innovative, creative and diverse talent of Boston. The Berklee community creates music that has the power to transform and widen your perspectives. While you’re in Boston, you should take advantage of the amazing opportunity to see some of the art and culture that Boston and Berklee have to offer. You will be surprised how artistic, innovative, and diverse Bostonians truly are.
-Margo, Future Boston Intern

About Future Boston Alliance

Future Boston Alliance is a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize our city's creative economy. By advocating for new talent and businesses and holding educational events, we aim to make Boston a hub for collaboration, innovation, and culture.

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  2. Free music? Im there! All art should be free!

  3. bobloblob says:

    This is good to know. One of these events could make for a nice inexpensive date with my wife!

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