The state of Boston public schools is not a stable one.  Teachers are fighting for a final contract and have rejected the $32 million dollars in pay raises being offered by the committee.  The Mayor once again talked about ending school assignments in his state of the city speech with no real plan.  But the question that should be asked is “how do we provide quality education for all Boston children?”

This week, close to one thousand teachers and students attended the school committee meeting on school assignments.  The show of force was to remind the appointed school committee that any decision made about Bostons public school system must include the teachers, parents and students.  FBA joined Boston United for Students as they marched to the Boston School Committee meeting.

Boston United for Students is a board based group of Boston Public School students, parents, advocates, business and faith based organizations that have joined together to push for systemic reform to ensure a better education for all Boston Public School students.

Their coalition is pushing four significant reforms in the current contract being negotiated.  They include more timely and effective teacher evaluations, increased school flexibility, greater parent involvement and an extended school day that provides students with enriching activities.  These innocuous demands have also been endorsed by the teachers union and hopefully will be included in the final contact for teachers.

Boston Public Schools should reflect the dedication this city has always had to learning.  All children should have an opportunity to learn in a safe environment.  Students are asking to get involved.  Lets make sure Boston children are not lost in this fight.  Check out Boston United for Students and support their work.

– Malia, FutureBoston Director


About Future Boston Alliance

Future Boston Alliance is a non-profit organization seeking to revolutionize our city's creative economy. By advocating for new talent and businesses and holding educational events, we aim to make Boston a hub for collaboration, innovation, and culture.

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