A Havard professor is the latest entrepreneur to build on the current energy drink craze in our country.  David Edwards invented the AeroShot, a cafeein inhaler, which is set to launch in Boston and New York early next year.  The AeroShot is a small, portible, tube-like device that contains 100 mg of caffeine.

Apparently he’s not the first to pilot this crazy idea.  In 2006 Starbucks came out with a prototypce that delivered minty blasts of caffeine and another inhaler named Buzzaire delivers 150 mg of caffeine under a mint spray.  But unlike the other products, which look like traditional medical inhalers, the AeroShot is sleeker in design in a grey and yellow tube-like canister.

Edwards has worked with air distribution before.  He created Le Whif, the world’s first inhalable vitamin that launched earlier this year.  More information on the AeroShot can be found on their website: http://aeroshots.com/.


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