City councilors today quickly warmed to a proposal to require Boston cabs to be painted a common color, like in New York, as a way to help confused people figure out which cars are legally licensed – and their drivers subjected to background checks – and which are unregulated gypsy cabs.

Mark Cohen, the director of licensing for the police hackney division, told councilors at a hearing today he already has a plan ready to go. Cohen said students at Suffolk University drafted a single-color plan – they started with a focus group of rape counselors, since finding a cab quickly can be an issue for rape victims.

The color they came up with? Green. Like the Celtics.

One cab driver said the city enacted a partial color scheme several years ago – all Boston cabs must have white on them – and said he would be concerned about expenses if the city suddenly required all cabs to be repainted, and about competition from cabbies in surrounding towns who would match the paint scheme to try to pick up illegal fares in Boston.

Article Written By Adam Gaffin via Universal Hub 


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